Beginner’s Guide to Setup and Use Raspberry Pi Without Monitor and Keyboard

In this tutorial, we will setup our raspberry pi for the first time and explore what we can do with it. It can be convenient if you can see your raspberry pi display right on your laptop.

Hardware Requirements

  • Raspberry Pi 2/3
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Usb cable to power up RPi


1. Download the Raspbian with Pixel. And write the extracted image to SD Card using Win32 Disk Imager.

2. We need ssh to communicate with the our raspberry pi. Add an empty file named ‘ssh’ without any extension to root directory of sd card. It makes raspberry pi enable ssh on bootup.

3. Connect raspberry pi to your laptop using Ethernet cable and power it up.

4. Share internet with your raspberry pi (see video).

5. Use Angry IP Scanner to find IP address of your rpi. Usually it will lie between to Open putty and start an ssh session using IP Address of your rpi.

Default username: pi
password: raspberry

6. Run the following 3 commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
vncserver :1

On running the vncserver :1 command for the first time, it will ask for a password. Choose a password, you will need it later.

7. Download VNC Viewer. Now use it to connect to your raspberry pi. Type your rpi IP address and password you set up for vnc server. Once connected, you will see the pi desktop. Now you can control your rpi from your PC.

8. You can run python scripts using a command

sudo python <path>

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